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September 23, 2015

The Pantone Color Institute, known as Pantone®, always dictates which colours will be in fashion. They have already released the Spring/Summer 2016 collection! These colours will appear on clothing, lines of furniture and on decorative items, accessories and even in household appliances.

Have you ever wondered how these trends emerge?

Pantone® has a team of researchers that analyses the behaviour of people all around the world (in the streets, shops, cinemas etc.). They're always watching the opinion makers. This work is called coolhunting. Through this research, the cool hunters generate detailed reports throughout the year and so detect the preferences for the next year/season. Coolhunting means observing people and the world in general, in order to define new trends, seeking differentiation, updates or even innovation. This data makes it possible to anticipate and differentiate products, services and brands.


Check out the colours for next season!

Use and abuse this diversification to make your special own look, customizing your items of clothing and even your home environment.



Source: http://styloss.com/category/fashion-trends/

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